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Kepler College is committed to encouraging personal and intellectual growth in a democratic and cooperative setting and is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education. ISAR is dedicated to encouraging the highest standards of quality in astrology. We do that in several ways: by offering a certification program that emphasizes ethics awareness, competence in techniques and interpretation, and consulting skills; by networking with other organizations to provide the best astrological educational services possible; by sponsoring research to help build a body of evidence relevant to astrology; and by providing a professionally written journal and a weekly e-newsletter.

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The purpose of NCGR shall be to provide an environment to foster and publish research of a geocosmic nature and to pursue educational programs in various interdisciplinary fields related to geocosmic studies. Avalon provides comprehensive training that prepares students for a career in the field of astrology. Are you looking for a way to release the inhibitions that have prevented you from achieving success? The Tibetan Key may open doors to new relationships, new money-making opportunities. Its unique shape and mystical beauty will attract attention whenever you wear it.

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It's designed to neutralize them and get them out of the picture. Don't wait a second longer!

With Uranus Retrograde in Taurus beginning today, you may feel a strong urge for financial freedom. How can you kickstart this and get your finances back on track? We offer The Vanish Debt spell for this reason!

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It calls upon powerful forces to get your life back on track. If love is eluding you and you feel unwanted, the Love Token may be what you need.

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The tradition of Love Tokens goes back centuries when this powerful Talisman was used to mend a broken heart, return a lost love, or find a new love. Grasp the Love Token in your hands and love may be just around the corner.

Today marks the New Moon in Leo. It's a fantastic time to work on your leadership skills like communicating, creativity, and responsibility. Create your own destiny! California Astrology Association 4. California Astrology Association 3.

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California Astrology Association It's the time to serve or suffer with the full moon in Pisces. Give to get more. California Astrology Association 9. California Astrology Association 5. California Astrology Association 2.

The possibilities are endless, so keep going! We are all given different opportunities and challenges. What are you doing with yours? You have one life, so live it!